Effects Of Using Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are compounds closely resembling testosterone function. These hormone enhancers can be used illegally or legally. The steroid is legally used for treating medical conditions like anemia, which is controlled and administered by a doctor. Several bodybuilders and athletes use these steroids legally for gaining a competitive edge when training or on the field. An anabolic steroid can be bought as pills, liquids, or injections. Like any other supplement or drug, anabolic steroid too has its share of positives and negatives.

Accelerated Recovery and Healing

Steroids speed up healing and recovery, which makes them ideal for use when treating injuries. Several bodybuilders use steroids for increasing their muscle definition and lean muscle mass and to augment overall strength. Often, athletes use steroids for helping increase their training regimens’ effectiveness.

Negative Impact

Unfortunately, anabolic steroids have more negatives to offer than positives. These side effects hurt both women and men. Bad breath, acne and baldness are surprisingly some of the least severe side effects. The more serious side effects include medical conditions such as psychosis, cancer, and diseases relating to the liver, kidneys and cardiovascular system. Also, anabolic steroids have been proven to reduce testicular size and enhance male breast growth. In women, the steroid contributes to facial hair growth and voice deepening.

Performance and Training Effects

As aforementioned, steroids often get used for increasing training benefits. The effects are both positive and negative. Excessive use often leads to muscle tear and tendon injury risks. Muscle cramp occurrences also dramatically go up with steroid usage, which could influence athletic performance and training regimens.


Steroid usage may increase impulses, which could lead to dangerous pursuits – such as indulging in unwanted risks and administering other more dangerous drugs. This increase in impulses would eventually get noticed by the affected person, resulting in him/her using depressants like alcohol for combating the side effect. Also, these impulses could amount to “roid rage”. This is nothing but quick anger often exhibited by steroid users. This may entail getting angry over the most insignificant or trivial issues.

Though this side effect is commonly reported, proving the connection between steroid use and certain anger outbursts is not easy. Most steroid users’ personality characteristics aren’t the same to begin with, which makes it difficult to ascertain whether steroids augment their unusual inclination towards anger. But, according to some reports, there is a positive correlation between increased aggression levels and high steroid doses.

Mania and Depression

Mania is steroid usage’s another side effect. When under the influence of mania, people lose touch with real life. Reality loss could lead to the steroid user indulging in things that they normally would refrain from, like theft and other unlawful activities. Mania could induce the person to be in an elevated state of mind, irrespective of the actual circumstances, or be highly irritable. Mania could also cause hallucinations or delusions.

Depression is often an after-effect of having withdrawn using the drug. The depression could go to extreme levels, leading to suicide. The depression’s severity differs across users, and research reports indicate quite a lot of steroid users take other drugs to fight their depression issues.