Dianabol-Description, Its Uses And Effects

Bodybuilders, weightlifters and many athletes most commonly use Dianabol steroid for gaining muscles in a short period of time. Dbol or the scientific name – Metandienone or methandrostenolone, C20H28O2 is a man-made or synthetic drug whose use is primarily associated for improving and treating many diseases of male sex hormones. After testosterone, it is the second most important anabolic steroid which is in great demand among die-hard bodybuilders and athletes for improving their physical appearance and also adding muscle mass without adding fat into the body in very short periods of time. Unlike a lot of other steroids which needs to be injected into the muscles, this one can be taken orally. Men who hate to inject drugs into the body primarily resort to its use and avoid any discomfort and inconvenience.

How safe is Dbol?
Dianabol — the synthetic drug have properties of both anabolic as well as androgenic compounds and hence they have a significant impact on the protein metabolism of its users. Since, the abuse of these pills accelerates the blend of protein chains and also supports the growth of proteins in and around the tissues; it is a preferred choice of drug for all those who wish to add bulk muscles without looking too fat.  Some of the muscle mass added to the body of d bol users can be attributed to the water weight it carries but the great deal of sheer muscles it adds to the body with the use of these pills cannot be denied.

Reviews and studies show Dianabol steroids to have mostly positive effects with even experienced athletes and users of these pills resorting to it repeatedly for its immense muscle-building and energy providing properties. However, there are certain side effects associated with eth use of these steroids but clinical studies prove that their impact can be mitigated with the choice of right diet and right supplements.

Dianabol Side Effects
Although there are side effects attached with the use of these muscle-building drugs, they vary significantly depending on the capacity of individual users, their dosage and also their choice of stacks. The high estrogen conversion rate of this drug often causes a few side effects in its users. Some men have also complained of bloating and inconvenience when using it, while a few reported to have developed female breast tissues or a condition called- gynecomastia. Bloating with the regular use of these pills has also shown to increase blood pressure due to the excessive fluid in the body. However, problems related to bloating and high blood pressure can be countered with over the counter diuretics. Men with conditions of liver, kidneys, or bladder are recommended not to use it as they can cause more damage to their medical conditions and there is no way to mitigate those damages. Sleeplessness, headaches and stomach problems are some common side-effects related to the abuse of this drug.
It is best to consult your doctor or a fitness experts when choosing to pair with Dianabol cycles with other oral steroids or compounds to boost your athletic performance and keep you fit.