Understanding The Benefits And Effects Of Dianabol, Dbol Steroid

It is common human nature to want to look beautiful and desirable. In the case of bodybuilders, a well-toned body and defined muscles is the epitome of success. These are the standards that many bodybuilders work hard to achieve. However, this requires years of training and dieting. The emergence of anabolic steroids like Dianabol changed the world of bodybuilding and revolutionized performance enhancement.

Today, professional and amateur bodybuilders use compounds like steroids, pro-hormones and supplements to achieve their desired V-tapered look. Nonetheless, these compounds have numerous side effects when not used correctly. It is the duty and responsibility of users to know exactly what they are taking in terms of effectiveness, reliability and safety.

Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are basically synthetic variations of testosterone, a male sex hormone that is naturally produced in the body. These compounds have both androgenic and anabolic properties. An androgenic compound increases male sex characteristics while an anabolic compound builds lean muscle mass. Common names used to refer to anabolic steroids include juice, gear, roids and stackers.

Anabolic steroids like Dianabol are commonly used by bodybuilders, athletes and weightlifters to boost their performance. This allows them to build lean muscle and improve their physique. These compounds also have medical applications like treating hormonal issues like delayed puberty. They can also be prescribed for patients suffering from AIDS, cancer and muscle loss.

What is Dianabol?

Dianabol is a highly effective and popular anabolic roid. Its use results in a significant increase in muscle mass and weight within a short period. It is commonly referred to as D bol within the bodybuilding industry. It affects various body processes at the same time resulting in quality muscle gains and reduction of body fat. Dianabol is well-known for its high potency. It contains methandrostenolone, a highly active ingredient that increases the user’s strength and endurance allowing them to lift heavier weights during training.

Benefits of Dianabol Use

Anabolic Effect

Dianabol is popular among the bodybuilding and weightlifting community because of its excellent muscle building qualities. It increases the body’s nitrogen retention and muscle production. High levels of nitrogen in the body promotes protein synthesis. In turn, increased protein synthesis leads to muscle growth.

Bodybuilders on D bol can expect to add between 2 and 4 pounds of weight on a weekly basis on a Dbol cycle. However, it is more effective when combined with a vigorous training regimen and a high protein diet. Otherwise, increased intake of Dianabol will only result in unwanted increase in body fat due to its high caloric-content.

Protein Synthesis

Muscles are largely made of proteins. Therefore, it only makes sense that to increase muscle mass, one has to eat more proteins. However, the body has to properly synthesize protein content in food to be able to use it to build lean muscle. Dianabol increases protein synthesis by increasing nitrogen retention in the body.

Androgenic Effect

Dianabol is highly androgenic. It increases the amount of testosterone in the body leading to increased sexual desire and performance. This enables the user to have an active sex life.

D Bol Improves Well-Being

Due to the steroid’s ability to increase nitrogen levels in the body, the user experiences a general feeling of well-being. This is the reason why it is usually referred to as a feel-good steroid. When used correctly (in terms of dosage, dieting and training) it causes a stabilizing effect on several bodily processes, which are responsible for mental and physical health.

Reduces Fatigue

D bol reduces exhaustion and burn-out after intense training sessions. This is possible due to the compound’s ability to increase RNA synthesis during and after strenuous workouts. It also reduces catabolic stress. These effects allow one to recover quickly after workouts and be able to get back into the gym to maximize muscle gains.

High Performance

Dianabol is just as popular among track and field athletes as it is among bodybuilders. This is because it has the ability to increase physical strength and performance. This allows athletes to train harder, for longer, to improve their performance.

Possible Side Effects of Dbol

When used incorrectly, without the guidance of a physical trainer or medical practitioner, Dianabol has some side effects.

Effects on the liver: Prolonged use of anabolic steroids like Dianabol negatively affects the liver. This is because steroids are hepatotoxic and it is the liver’s job to break down toxins and other chemical substances. D bol belongs to C17-AA, a group of chemicals that are very difficult to break down. Common sense dictates that excessive and continuous use of steroids leads to liver damage or even cancer.

Effect on the Reproduction System: All men need testosterone to build muscle and burn excess fat. However, excess testosterone in the body is eventually converted into estrogen. Estrogen has negative effects on a man’s body. It leads to increased fat retention, fatigue and loss of muscle mass. It also leads to low libido and an enlarged prostate gland. Those using D bol often need an estrogen blocker.

Effect on the cardiovascular system: Dianabol has the potential to rapidly increase a user’s body weight. This increase may cause undue stress on the cardiovascular system. Steroids normally increase blood pressure and heart rate. Therefore, prolonged use may lead to heart problems. Dianabol is rich in calories and increases the body’s cholesterol levels. This puts a strain on the cardiovascular system.

Mood Changes: D bol increases the energy levels of athletes and bodybuilders. It also causes them to become highly excited resulting in intense workouts. However, when the user is not training, they tend to have sudden mood swings that can easily result in aggressive behavior. Steroid abuse can lead to unbecoming behaviors like fighting and aggression.

Gynecomastia: This is a situation where fat deposits appear over men’s pectoral muscles. This medical condition leads to the appearance of a feminine chest commonly called man boobs.

Impedes hair growth: The production of excess testosterone causes the body to break down this male hormone into estrogen. This process of breaking down testosterone produces a by-product called dihydrotestosterone. This chemical negatively affects hair growth on the face, body and scalp.

Acne and Pimples: Dianabol affects the sebaceous glands responsible for producing sweat. This results in the appearance of pimples and acne especially on the face.

Purchasing Anabolic Steroids Online

Today, it is easy to buy steroids online. Despite the stringent laws that govern the sale, purchase and ownership of anabolic steroids, online purchases have grown significantly due to high demand. This is because the Internet offers anonymity. Many people prefer to buy steroids using direct email services as opposed to full-blown website shopping. This is because the latter approach can easily reveal the buyer’s identity because payment is done using credit cards. Even legal steroids are mainly purchased online.

Dianabol is an effective anabolic roid that offers great results when used correctly. It increases body strength, muscle growth, and body weight. It also increases the levels of testosterone, a male sexual hormone that boosts energy leading to explosive workouts. The Steroid also boosts the user’s sexual vigor and vitality. When used incorrectly, Dbol can result in several side effects like liver failure and mood changes. It can be used for stacking, cycling and pyramiding. Dianabol should be used correctly to attain permanent physical strength and sustained muscle definition.